Phantasy Farm

Located in Port Dickon and near to the famous Telok Kemang, Phantasy Farm is a multi-attraction Petting Zoo. Apart from the wide variety of tame & exotic animals, it also has 'Instagramable' giant replica spots, Haunted House, Grandma Antique House and others. Relive your 'Kampung' life by spending your time at our Farm concept Tree house playground with your loved ones for a great time.

Get closer than ever to animals that are allowed to roam freely in uniquely designed enclosures. You can touch feed and play with animals like alpacas, Pygmy Goats, Giant Tortoises, Spotted Deers, Peacock, Birds, Pelicans, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and many more. Not only that, have an unlimited fun experience trying to catch fish at our ‘Longkang Fishing’ attraction.

Phantasy Farm is set to be the latest must visit attraction in Port Dickson for all types of visitors from all ages and walk of life. Plan your trip to Phantasy Farm to gain not only knowledge about nature, animal and plants but also an experience of fun activities like never before. It is much more than your usual petting zoo which will create unforgettable memories for all.

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